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#Guangzhou-Tibet Activity# Sanya Motorcycle launch ceremony
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        Guangzhou-Tibet activity jointly held by Hongkong Startec Power Co.,Ltd and Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd started a launch ceremony in Sanya headquarters on May.5,2019 at 10 o’clock. Leaders of Hongkong Startec Power Co.,Ltd, principals of this activity and leaders of Sanya attended this ceremony.




        As is well-known that Sanya with Hongkong Startec Power held a fuel injection motorcycles test activity in September 2017, at that time, the scooter SY100T-12 achieved very good result. For this Guangzhou-Tibet activity, Sanya cub model SY110-22 set foot on this activity, the scooter carried Euro 4 electronic injection system which jointly developed by Sanya and Startec Power.



        According to the driver Mr. Che Rongguang, the activity starts from Guangzhou, passes through Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan and then reaches Tibet and back to Guangzhou via Yunnan and Guangxi, will be faced with the humid, arid, plateau, high temperature, high cold, hypoxia and other harsh natural environment. This activity is over 10,000 kilometers. This activity will also be the most impressive part of the driver's motor-sport career.



        At the launch ceremony, Sanya Vice president Mr. Jiang handed over the key to the Mr. Che Rongguang, which opened the prologue of this activity.



        The horn of the Guangdong-Tibet Miles has been blown, The motorcycle engine has started and the driver is ready. In the blessings and enthusiasm of the staff of Sanya, the Guangdong-Tibet Miles team officially set off and set foot on the first step of the journey.





        Sanya Company not only pays attention to product quality, but also attaches importance to Moyou culture and Mobility activities, leading the fashion trend of the new fashion, and launching the EFI project at the end of 2016. The first Sanya State 4 motorcycle equipped with an EFI system was officially announced on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on February 14, 2019. This is a mileage card for Sanya and Xingke on the road of EFI system development. The event of the Guangdong-Tibet Miles will enable Sanya's four EFI technologies to embark on a more mature and professional stage, providing consumers with a safer, more fuel-efficient and more comfortable driving experience.



        The event of the Guangdong-Tibet Miles will be broadcasted on Sanya's official website, WeChat public number, Weibo and other media platforms such as Niu Please pay close attention. Sanya takes you on a journey of sightseeing and cultural anecdotes in Tibet, and synchronizes with a journey of walking and walking.

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