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        125th China Import and Export Commodities Fair(hereafter refer to Canton Fair) was started in Pazhou, Guangzhou on 15th April 2019. It is the oldest, biggest and highest level import&export commodities fair in domestic.  

        Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Company as brand-name enterprises in oversea market, also took part in this fair. Through sufficient preliminary market survey, Sanya showed many upgrading flagship products.



Including 9 self-developed motorcycles.


        Upgrading music motorcycle UF190 is Sanya main product. It increases the displacement from 150cc to 190cc and optimizes the damping structure. It is not only the upgrade of oil consumption and engine power, but also the upgrade of its safety and comfort. With Sanya self-developed UFB engine, the fuel consumption is less than 2.5L/100KM.



        As the enhanced classic CG model, NF125box is Sanya mainly popularized product. With brand-new NFB high efficient engine technology, optimized cylinder head diameter and exhaust system, NF125box makes full use of every energy, lower 5% oil consumption without sacrificing power. Outlook is classic CG model, but inside has upgraded more than 30 details in five system, which greatly increase the durability and comfort.



        As a kind of off-road motorcycle, SY200GY attracts the most attention and it is the main export product of Sanya, which has passed the EEC test. Collecting the feedback from different market, Sanya has increased the distance between tyre and steering bar, used lengthened and thickened shock absorber, used exclusive wear-resisting tyre, so that to meet the need to ride on rough road.



        Sanya self-developed cub-type motorcycles SY110-22 is famous for its fuel-efficient, it uses new PC material and has E-MARK and 3C certificate. With new blending color and sticker, SY110-22 show its dynamic fashion in this fair.




        With more and more country advocate green travel, Sanya started to show electric scooter since 2015.



        There were 4 electric product that Sanya show in this fair. Including electric motorcycle SY12-XW72(red,P1), classic Guiwang model SY12-HY60(white,P2), simple electric bicycle SY3-6648( P3), power engine SY30-LB72(blue,P4).



        It is pleasure mentioning that this high-power XUNYING model enhanced version SY30-LB72, This model is equipped with 3000 watt motor, long battery life, LED lighting system, widened anti-skid tires, airbag shock absorbers, and strengthened frame. It’s upgraded and improved electric vehicles according to the local needs from South America and Africa. It was recognized by overseas customers in the exhibition.




        The two engines independently developed by Sanya are not negligible in the booth. SPC smart core engine (first left) and new NFB engine (second from left)



        SPC smart core engine: The core part of the combustion chamber adopts DLC technology which may double engine’s service life. Fine-tuning DC electronic ignition can reduce fuel consumption. The internal motion mechanism uses a lightweight design that reduces the reciprocating inertia and reduces vibration. Optimize the valve timing and exhaust system to reduce engine noise. Overall fuel consumption is reduced by 8% and power is increased by 15%.



        The new NFB engine: improved piston material and top structure, reducing piston weight and reciprocating inertia, improving the overall kinetic energy of the engine, climbing angle up to 30 degrees, 200m acceleration takes only 12 seconds. The built-in balance shaft structure greatly reduces engine vibration. The through-air duct cylinder design greatly improves engine cooling efficiency.



        Since its establishment in 1998, Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co., Ltd. has been known for its fine workmanship. The products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and are trusted by more than 3 million users around the world. Multi-energy-saving and high-quality products, adhere to the goal of creating a world-class enterprise, actively respond to the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, and use the Canton Fair to explore overseas market opportunities and accelerate the pace of Sanya internationalization.


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