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Counselor Jinyuan Gave Thumbs up to SANYA
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On 17th Aug, the 2017 China Machinery & Electronic Brand Show(Philippines) was open in Manila SMX Convention Center.Hosted by Chinese Commerce Department, co-hosted by the Internaitional Trade Development Bureau and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, SANYA was bringing their products: SY110-22C, SY110-22D, SY125-10, SY8-HY48(E-bike) and SY8-MY48(E-bike) which popular in Philippines to the show, accelerating the distribution in Southeast Asia.


∆2017 China Machinery & Electronic Brand Show(Philippines) Opening Ceremony


On the exhibition day, The president and other officials sent the greetings to the exhibition. Moreover, the Philippine Minister of Tourism Assistant, Manila Pasay City Government representatives, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines Counselor,vice presidentofChina Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products attended the opening ceremony and had a visit to SANYA booth.


∆ Philippines president


PresientDuterte expressed in the greetings that technology transfer is a key factor in promoting social and economic development and that he welcomes China to bring more Chinese brands in the Chinese machinery and electronics sector to Philippine, which enables Philippine industry to learn and discover products and services as well as related solutions that promote business development. He also added that the Philippines needs a partner like China to promote the further development of industrial economy, and therefore hoped that China and Philippine can establish a good trade and business relations, jointly making contribution to achieving sustainable development and lasting prosperity of the two countries.


∆Mr Li,the general manager of Guangzhou Sanya motorcycle Co., ltd ( left 1) is introducing the products and general situation of SANYA
to the assistant of Philipines tourism Minister, the government representative of the Manila Pasay City, the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines and the Vice President Wang Guiqing of China Electromechanical Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce.


∆The commercial counselor of the Chinese embassy in Philippines, Jin yuan (left 5)and Sanya general manager, Mr. Li (right 5), taken photos in front of the Sanya booth.


China is pushing the "The Belt and Road" strategy strongly, which will surely lead China’s economy into the world. Over the years, internationalization strategy is the key work for Sanya development, actively responding to the "The Belt and Road" strategy, exploring overseas market with the exhibition opportunities and accelerating the internationalization pace. Until now, Sanya has sold motorcycle and electric motorcycle to more than 60 countries and regions with stable and reliable quality.


∆Feiyang 3rd generationon the booth, which is also popular in Chinese domestic market.


The exhibition lasts for 3 days, including power, electicity, electronic, new energy, mechanical engineering, electronic home appliances, automotive, motorcycle, automotive and motorcycle spare parts and hardware tools.

Around 60 enterprises,includes Guangzhou Sanya Motorcycle Co.,Ltd,China Technology Import And Export Co. Ltd.,China Mechanic Important And Export Co. Ltd.,JAC Automotive Co.,Ltd., Shangdond Tang Jun Ou Ling Automotive and other big and middle scale enterprises participate in this exhibition .

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